Apr 202013

Kinsale Slí na Slainte


We’ve added the Slí to the Kinsale App under the main directory under ‘To see & to Do’ -> ‘Walks’

Hope you enjoy the information about this lovely walk!

The Kinsale Slí route is 4km in length: 2km to the end of the Scilly walk and back again.
Your Slí route begins at the Km sign opposite the Perryville Hotel, here you will find a mapsign which illustrates the route. Follow Long Quay away from the town. The road turns to the right into River road and continues to the historic village of Scilly. Follow the directional arrows straight on, to bring you to the beginning of the Scilly walk. Follow the Scilly walk, known locally as the Salmon Walk, taking in the beautiful views of Kinsale and the harbour. On reaching the end of the Scilly walk, you can walk another 600m to Charles Fort or return along the 2km route to bring you back to Kinsale town.

More detail can be found on the IHF pdf file here

Apr 142013

Kinsale Tweetup II


Hi All, next Kinsale Tweetup is on Tuesday 16th at The Blue Haven on Pearse Street from 6-7pm.


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